Team Gutierrez

Welcome! And thank you for visiting the Team Gutierrez (GTZ) racquetball page. We are a fun-loving, but hard-working family of four who truly love the game of racquetball. Each member of Team GTZ plays a crucial role in the success of the team. Although we are only in our 2nd year of competion, we are seeing great success at the national level and hopefully in the near future we’ll see success at the International level. Presenting Team GTZ:

Jacob: will be competing in Boys 12 and under, just competed in his 2nd Junior Nationals, won Gold Medal in mixed doubles (12 and under), Silver medal in boys doubles (12 and under), bronze medal in boys singles (12 and under), this will be his 1st time representing Team USA

Sophia: will be competing in Girls 14 and under, just competed in her 2nd Junior Nationals, won Silver Medal in girls doubles (14 and under), Silver medal in girls singles (14 and under), this will be her first time representing Team USA

Joseph: father, coach, trainer, strategiat, 30 years of racquetball experience

Alejandra: mother, team photographer, cheerleader, giver of unconditional love, support, and hugs

We are proud to be part of Team USA competing this November at Junior World’s in Bolivia. We know that with our continuous hard work and determination we will represent our team, family, and country proudly. We humbly ask for your donations to help make this trip a reality. Thank you and God bless!

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